Tips on Setting up a Fashion Blog

fashion blogs
If you are thinking about setting up a fashion blog, we can suggest some solid guidelines to help you get started and help you create something with a degree of stickiness with your target audience. (By that we mean they will want to come back to your blog).
The easiest way to get going, it to select the niche that you are most interested in. Do not fall into the trap of being all things to all people in the fashion sector. You will overload youself with work and be far less effective talking to your desired sector.

Many new blog starters make a point of researching current people in the industry, better still if they are active on the web. Mixing with others, whether on the web or at live events, is a sure way of getting to know about your sector and is most likely to give you ideas for an approach that you could take that is unique to you.
Do be aware that photos are better if they are yours. They may be anything as long as they are unique to you. So for example, maybe you have some drawings or sketches or maybe you visited an event and took some shots. These are all ideal because no one else will have them.

Alternatively you can use your own camera and start shooting things of a fashion nature, whether that be out on the high street or of shop windows.Then the ownership of the images is always in your hands and you are answerable to no-one for using them.

It is critical you remain up to date with the latest trends and one good place to start is Vogue. Use this as resource. Of course you cannot copy their content but you can use it for ideas and inspiration to put up your own unique spin.
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